Baby sling or Baby Wrap?

Is it all in a name or are there any difference when people talk about a baby wrap or baby sling? Often known as a Ring Sling, the traditional baby sling is used by parents looking to give themselves more freedom to use their arms whilst carrying their little one. It is literally a sling that is thrown over your shoulder and supports the baby comfortably. The slings can vary in size and shape but they are used more for a convenience to carry your baby and give flexibility to the parent.

A Baby Wrap operates in a very similar way, fitting round the parents shoulders and supporting the baby from the front (typically). A Baby Wrap however can be wider fitting and literally wrap your little one to give the baby more comfort and security. The idea is the same, the wrap gives a convenient way to carry your child safely and easily whatever you do.

So whichever wrap or sling you choose, be sure to look at what style would suit you the best!

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